From Zambia

27 Nov 1980
Letter arrived in SK, from Zambia that day.

Dear Edie & Michael,
Thanks for the pictures, your son sure is a handsome little fellow, it seems he soon will be toddling about.
The radio is the pits tonight, morse code it seems on all stations but Radio Moscow and that station has a way of getting my blood pressure [way] up, it sure doesn’t pay to be set in your ways like I am. I feel they are responsible for a lot of the problems in the third world, they get these fellows so confused they simply [lose] their marbles. When one knows the west pays 80% of the aid bill with Russia, China each 2% and OPEC countries the other 16% yet these [countries] spend 70% of their money in Russia for war toys, it makes one wonder what it is all about.
We haven’t had any new’s on radio Canada for a week now because of some strike back home, not that they ever tell us a heluva lot, it’s just nice to hear Canada mentioned every now and again.
We are getting anxious to see your house, it would seem you’ve made a real nice home of it, I know it’s a great satisfaction when you can do all those things yourself.
Boy! that picture of Paul’s farm sure makes it look bleak, after not seeming a bare fall for two years it is hard to remember how bare the place can be.
We had Canadians from Tanzania with us for ten days in Sept., we haven’t heard from them since they left, it is a worry since Tanzania is much worse than Zambia for bandits.
We had a couple U.N. people spend the weekend with us, they were a very interesting couple, they spend 9 years in Uganda when Idi Amin was ruling it. They also got caught in Ethiopia during that war, they have been doing this for 28 years now and have had a lot of interesting if harrowing experiences.
The rains have started, it is raining now, I’m rather glad to see the start of these rains as it will allow us to get back onto the land, the soil here bakes as hard as cement after six months without rain.
I’m sure we’ve often told you about the young Swedish couple who we enjoyed so much, well they went back to Sweden in March and we’ve been corresponding rather regular, the last letter from them is all complaints about the weather, Monica is sure [humans] were never meant to live in such a horrible climate, she says animals that can hibernate for six months of the year are the only type of animal live should live there, she says one forgets all the problems of shortage and remembers only the beautiful weather we enjoy here, they have a two month contract in Kenya, Jan. & Feb. and are looking forward to coming back, makes us wonder how we will be able to take the cold when we get back.

From Zambia