Cyprus and a Mediterranean Cruise in 1980

Sept. 13 / 1980
Horse and Cart postcard – Cyprus

Dear M & Edith
We are on a holiday in Cyprus interested in all the old cultures, didn’t realize Cyprus was so historic. We are leaving for the Holy Land on a Mediterranean cruise, its a week end affair, should be interesting.
Mail hasn’t come through to Mbala for a couple weeks before we left and since we will be away for 3 weeks, it seems a long time. Starting now we are on countdowns. [?] Hope this year will be as interesting as last. How are things at home? John might be getting around now. Hope my last films turned out.
Much Love
Mom & Dad.

Cyprus and a Mediterranean Cruise in 1980

11 Years Ago – 41 As I Type This

Jan. 10, 1985

Eleven years ago today I moved from (Varia) to (Woodman). It was truly my first step toward a different life. Today was 18° up to 22° or so, dull & very damp. The walking more treacherous. Had my hair (at g & ) by the time I’d gone to Boots & Beckers for milk for me & Peg 2% it was after 11. After lunch I cut my cranberry loaf & buttered it, putting it on Faith’s smokey (plak). The (minuts) out of the freezer & (pink caudles) Called Faith. She has Shaun today. Dorothy, Pat, & Helen picked me up at 6:45. The meeting was (DOF) off(irsit) and very long. Home at 11:45. We’re getting a new member.

11 Years Ago – 41 As I Type This