On This Day 34 years ago, in Zimbabwe, Africa

This blog entry was written 34 years ago today, by my Grandpa, William Klein of Lafleche, Saskatchewan. He and my Grandma Margaret were living in Africa, working for the federal government of Canada’s agriculture development initiative on that continent.

I was an infant in Saskatchewan, on the other side of the world.

Contained on a “zebras drinking” postcard:

We are enjoying our stay here in Zimbabwe, do wish you were here.
Did some game viewing and took a lot of pics, we are sending them back with some Canadians from P. A.[?] Haven’t used the camera for some time and forgot some of the fine points, do hope they turn out. I know John is a bit young to appreciate picture cards but expect you will.
John C. phoned his son at Candle Lake informed the temp there is -30.
This is my fourth trip out of Zambia find it harder to go back each time.
We [haven’t] picked up mail at Mbala since Dec. 18, hoping to have piles waiting when we get back.
I tried a call home without luck am very disappointed.
Sending our love,
Mom & Dad.

On This Day 34 years ago, in Zimbabwe, Africa