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Mar. 13, 1985

Well here’s a picture of a body not much use for anything today. Stayed in all day doing very little. (Mielie) phoned at 8:50 to say tonight was off for Aloha which suited me fine. Called Faith & Peg. Got my album of Oscar Peterson – it’s good. Worked some more needlepoint. Dell called to put my hair off till 11am tomorrow.

Vera (Durelly) called to tell me Myre Barrett died yesterday evening. We are so grateful that at least she is at rest. She hasn’t known anyone for many months. Another example of 5 years. She was sicker in Feb. 1980 _ I remember I didn’t hear from her for my b.d. and knew there was something wrong. What fun times we had together! over nearly 40 years _ I looked it up in my diary from Dec. ’79 through early ’80 & read for 3 hours!

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