To the Manor Born

Feb. 15, 1985

It was 5 years ago today Barbara & Bob MacLean came to see me & gave me the shell paperknife_ I was waiting at home in the fierce rain to hear of John’s arrival. Today was 23 degrees & no snow until a flurry at evening. Faith called me early as she had a dentist app’t & a funeral. Called Vi Catell for a catch up. Called Kay Porter for our bi-weekly. Called Kay & they were leaving for the dentist (Art) & she didn’t get back to me. Went down to Eaton’s at 11 & got a white pleated skirt & 2 pairs of navy slacks for summer. One is to be delivered next Fri. Did needlepoint in p.m. Letter & card from Bill Edwards & from Vera Lacher – fun card from Peg. Watched Murder She Wrote, To the Manor Born & Bless Me Father – all a riot. Read C.S. Lewis’s Screw tape Letters & S. proposes a Toast (from Peg).

To the Manor Born

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